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5 golden rules for designing a perfect modular wardrobe

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5 golden rules for designing a perfect modular wardrobe

Much like a modular kitchen, a modular wardrobe is all about functionality. However, in this case, you will have the choice to pay equal attention to both function and style. The popularity of customized modular wardrobes has increased considerably in the last few years, more so because homeowners are aware of limited space in homes, especially in the bedroom. If you check for modular wardrobe online, you will find numerous ideas, but for your help, we have shared a few tips that are practical and useful for the right seasons.

  1. Extra storage doesn’t hurt. Interior designers will ask for your requirements, but some extra storage space never hurts. The whole concept of modular wardrobes is to have as much space as possible, and it is always wise to cover most part of the wall(s) available. Go for a wall-to-wall design or a full-stretched wardrobe that take up the entire wall.
  2. Look for warranty. Here’s the bitter truth. All modular wardrobes must be replaced at some point, because these are usually made of plywood or engineered wood. Just like you would ask for warranty of modular kitchens, insist on that for the modular wardrobe too. At the very least, expect a warranty of at least five years.
  3. Include big cabinets. Those huge cabinets close to the ceiling may seem useless to some people, but if you want to store away things that you don’t need on a regular basis, these are a real asset. Cabinets, especially large ones, are great for storing luggage, accessories and clothing, and you can use the space to create more room in your regular shelves.
  4. Consider other needs. A lot of homeowners prefer to include other things as a part of the modular wardrobe design. For instance, you can choose to create a desk that’s integrated into the layout, which eliminates the need for an extra table. You can also add a huge or large mirror, which will get away with the need for a separate dresser.
  5. Don’t miss maintenance. Maintenance is one of the key aspects to consider for modular designs. For instance, you may want to avoid some of the white finishes, which can get scratches and marks in no time. Also, glossy finishes are hard to maintain in general, and therefore, natural looks can be considered as an alternative.

Final word

Most installation services will more than happy to offer design services for your modular wardrobe, so do your homework and ask for that first appointment that is usually for free. Check all the details, find the designs you like and get an estimate, so that you can work around the budget. Done right, modular wardrobes are worth the money spent.

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