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9 Gutter Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

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9 Gutter Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

The rain gutters found in Maryland homes play an important role in preventing early decaying of the roof and minimizing foundation damage through proper rainwater drainage. While the gutter installers Maryland emphasize the need for regular gutter cleaning and maintenance, most homeowners often forget to check on their rain gutters until it is too late.

If you are guilty of not paying enough attention, it’s time to check the gutters and look out for these common problems:

1 – Clogging

The most common and perhaps the easiest gutter problem to fix is clogging. Clogs can be caused by the build-up of debris such as leaves and twigs. A quick cleaning is all that’s needed, especially if the gutters are in excellent health.

2 – Sagging

A good reason to remove debris from gutters is to prevent sagging. If too much weight has built up on the gutters, it can cause sagging and eventually pull the entire gutter system away from the house which will lead to extensive damage.

3 – Animals

There are many cases where animals like birds and small rodents build nests on the gutters. In these instances, it is best to call animal control or some other professional to handle the removal to avoid harming the animal or risking injury to yourself.

4 – Small Leaks And Holes

Due to constant exposure to external elements, gutters will eventually develop small holes that cause leaks. This can be fixed using caulking material and sealant. The sooner the holes are patched, the less damage it can cause.

5 – Bigger Holes

Leaks and small holes that are not addressed quickly can result in larger holes. In these cases, calling the gutter installers Maryland is the best way to fix the problem with very little effort on your part. Otherwise, purchasing a patching kit from the hardware and getting ready to do some DIY repairs should be a top priority.

6 – Improper Pitch

Gutters that tend to store water instead of draining then right away are usually improperly pitched. There is no DIY fix for this problem as only licensed contractors can readjust the gutter to its proper position without causing any property damage.

7 – Wrongly Positioned Downspouts

Downspouts that drain the water too close to the home will cause a lot of damage in the long run. It is best to install gutter extensions as soon as possible to allow rainwater to drain away from the home and its foundation.

8 – Damaged Gutters

Rain gutters that have not been checked in months or have seen extreme weather changes in the last couple of weeks might have sustained damage. Homeowners who suspect their gutters are damaged should schedule a professional inspection at once.

9 – Missing Gutters

It is very obvious, but sometimes if homeowners do not look closely they won’t notice that some parts of the gutters have gone missing. No matter the reason behind the disappearance, missing gutters should be replaced right away to prevent additional property damage in the near future.

Keep a close eye on the state and health of your gutter. The moment any of the problems mentioned above appear, call the gutter experts in Maryland for assistance right away.

WF Schmidt Construction Company is among the most trusted gutter installers Maryland. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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