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Clearabee Earns a Rubbish Removal Pact with Co-Op

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Clearabee Earns a Rubbish Removal Pact with Co-Op

Last week, Co-Op signed a multi-million-pound deal with UK’s largest on-demand waste and rubbish removal company. The waste service company was tasked by removing all unplanned rubbish within the community.

The contract covers a three-year period and tacitly mandates the waste service company to deal with all reactive waste including those in fly-tipped bins in the parks as well as stale food items because of a breakdown of cooling/freezing equipment. The Co-Op has more than 2,500 retail stores and 1000 funeral homes – all of which Clearabee is expected to service.

The on-demand rubbish removal company expects to attend to 5,000 calls to service, which will be efficiently carried out by their team of 250 employees operating over 100 fleets. According to Co-Op’s contract manager, Abbie Case: “Clearabee has proven to be a reliable partner of the business, reliably acting at any scale whenever and wherever they are needed.”

Speaking on the transaction, Daniel Long, the founder, and MD of Clearabee, said, “Our keenness to create innovative solutions, combined with our nationwide outreach, has empowered the company to provide efficient and cost-effective rubbish removal plans to Co-Op whenever called upon to get rid of unplanned rubbish.”

Understanding Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste management involves several processes: collection, treatment and proper disposal of waste matter that can pose serious health concerns to humans and environmental issues if it were otherwise handled.

Hazardous waste can take on many forms. They can be solids, liquids, sludges, and gases, which are industrially produced either by processing factories, manufacturing companies or other industrial sectors.

These wastes should be handled professionally, and with due care, because if mishandled in any of the processes involved in the removal, they cause damage or harm. When such issues are overlooked, these waste materials contaminate the soil and any surface run-off, and that may lead to epidemics. People residing near abandoned and unreclaimed waste disposal sites are especially susceptible to hazardous situations. Most governments have begun to adopt policies to ensure proper waste management.

Hazardous waste can be classified into three: biological, chemical and physical waste. Under each of these, there are subcategories that include toxic, infectious, corrosive, ignitable and radioactive.

Toxic wastes are basically poison, whether in small or large quantities. Their effects can have an acute impact [causing death or severe illness], or it may cause a chronic condition that plagues the body without reparability. Other are carcinogenic, meaning they cause cancers, while others are mutagenic, impairs proper chromosomal development thus causing genetic disorders.

Reactive waste, however, is chemically unstable matter such that they react violently when in contact with oxygen or water. At times they may cause explosions, releasing toxic fumes into the air. Combustible wastes often burn at low thermal conditions and may cause sudden fire outbreaks.

Infectious wastes can be used clinical supplies from health and research institutions. Radioactive rubbish is those that release an ionizing agent that cause harm to living things. It is critical to properly manage radioactive waste as they are non-biodegradable and take longer to decay.

About Clearabee

Clearabee is a UK-based on-demand rubbish removal company that operates within the Birmingham, West Midlands. The firm utilizes its innovative solutions and man and van style garbage collection.

The company is reputable in offering cost-effective, eco-friendly waste removal operations to ensure the best outcomes. Using their own technologically updated fleet, Clearabee can deal with any form of waste.

Clearabee, which was founded in 2012 by David Long started humbly, owning only a vehicle to supplement its services. In 2013, the company relocated to Birmingham and exponentially grew to nationwide recognition. The contract between Co-Op and Clearabee is but a signal of the company’s leadership in the waste management industry.

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