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DIY Tips To Install Iron Railings On Open Stairs

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DIY Tips To Install Iron Railings On Open Stairs

With little time, knowledge, effort and proper tools you can install iron railings on open stairs yourself. Irrespective of the material used to build the stairs, these railing will fit perfectly on it. Therefore, if you have a wooden, tiled, carpeted or concrete stairs, you can fix these railing within hours. You will need some basic hand-operated tools for this such as tape measure, power drill and a set of drill bits, masonry anchors, hammer, level, anchor bolts, fender washers and socket sets. Just make sure that while working with the power tools you wear safety glasses to prevent flying debris entering your eyes.

Start with measuring

Every project starts with proper planning and accurate measurements. Make sure that you fix the railing two inches inside the edge of tread of each stair. Take a light pencil to mark the spots on each stair and make a second mark with it to align it with the first. On these marked spots, place the new iron railings on the staircase. Make sure that you align the front edge along with the side edges of every mounting bracket. Use your pencil marks on the stair treads to ensure that the alignment is perfect. Finally, make a pencil mark to identify each mount hole.

The fixing process

Keep the railing aside when you are done with the measurement and focus on fixing it. Make sure that the power drill is working perfectly and the proper drill bit is inserted. Drill the holes at the pencil marks and also drill a pilot hole in each of these. Fix the masonry anchor to these holes and use a hammer if the stairs are made of concrete. Position the railing with proper alignment. You can use a fender washer if it tilts on one side. Insert the anchor bolts and tighten these with socket set. Test your installation finally.

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