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Do Not Choose A Low Commission Realtor Simply Based On The Cost Factor 

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Do Not Choose A Low Commission Realtor Simply Based On The Cost Factor 

You must not choose a realtor simply because you will get the lowest commission. Commission is always negotiable but you must also be aware of the different gimmicks, traps and terms in selling a home using discount brokers. There are several out there and you must be sure that apart from the lowest commission the realtor will provide you with the same services as any other Realtors would provide. Therefore, you must ask four questions to the realtors such as whether they will pay to advertise in the newspaper, send direct mailings, and have a top website and whether they use social media for faster response.

Plans for marketing

You must also find out the plans of the low commission Realtor to market your home. Marketing is one of the top three reasons that a home will either sell fast or sit unsold for a long time. It will create proper exposure only when a realtor can create proper avenues for a better exposure. All realtors will have their own way to run their business, it is important that you know about their plans specifically. Marketing can be done by placing a sign on the yard or post it in the local Multiple Listing Service. Simply praying is not enough to make a sale.

Be aware of web presence

Modern day business is based on the internet whether it is real estate or any other. It is therefore essential that you know about the web presence of the realtor first and foremost. Apart from that, you must know about what marketing channels they have and plan to use for your home ask some more questions to the realtor such as what type of traffic they usually get in their website, whether it is local traffic, do they have a real estate blog and how are they ranked on Google and other search engines.

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