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Do You Need More Internal Cold Storage?

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Do You Need More Internal Cold Storage?

When you need a temporary refrigeration solution to ensure food safety and optimum service delivery in a restaurant, hotel, pub, café or for an event then please contact one of the leading internal cold storage providers who guarantee competitive rates, excellence, adherence to legislation and hygienic facilities.

Pop up eateries can either take over an established kitchen for a night or more or rent a property for a specified period. In both cases, adequate, hygienic, lawful facilities are essential to hold stock. There is no distinction in the authorities’ eyes between temporary or permanent sites. When food is being served to the public, the rules must be adhered to. A cold room hire solution is perfect.

Medical centres, universities and hospitals may also require additional internal cold storage for an increased level of samples, medications or research. Again, these cold rooms conform with regulations and, as we know, winter can be an extremely busy time for the medical profession. If you’re concerned about space, call a service provider. Peace of mind is invaluable.

Cold room flexibility

It doesn’t matter to cold room hire firms whether your hire is for a day, week, fortnight or if it results in a three-month hire. The best companies accommodate your wishes, extending hire periods is rarely a problem.

Firms including Icecool Trailers, who offer hire of internal cold rooms across Berkshire, the Thames Valley, Home Counties, Midlands, South Wales and in Bio Ethanol Fireplace London, appreciate that every client has their own needs. Cold rooms come in different capacities and sizes (1.8m or 3m for example) and the units are assembled on site so there are no concerns about them fitting through doors.

Powered via mains or generator; the cold room hire firm needs to know if you require a generator, the facilities can be assembled wherever they are needed, perhaps in a foyer for drinks, adjacent to the kitchen for staff use, in a corridor between function rooms. There are few restrictions.

It should be noted that cold room hire units are not on wheels so once installed they cannot be relocated. If you prefer a solution which can be moved dependant on client or kitchen demand you may prefer a fridge trailer. These can be situated internally or externally.

Cold rooms can be worked in without contravening legislation, this is a bonus in a busy operation.

Cold rooms are supplied in full working order, look professional, are at optimum hygiene levels and are secure. Stock is not insured by the hire firm although the cold rooms are. For insurance cover related to stock the customer must make their own arrangements.

Don’t forget that expert advice is available from the hire firm; there’s no question that they can’t answer. If you’re unsure, please ask, it’s better than taking a risk. Cost and service should be exemplary; read reviews to ensure you’re using the best firm.

When Christmas, new year, Burn’s night, valentines and the usual demands on internal cold storage mean you need an effective capacity solution, choose cold room hire.

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