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Exciting colour palettes we are seeing in home staging this year

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Exciting colour palettes we are seeing in home staging this year

Colour is the essential backbone to home staging. The typical rule of thumb is that you should use colour as the canvasprior to arranging the rest of your home décor around it. It’s much easier to add additional furniture that complements your colour base than it is the other way around.

Without the right colour palette, a room can look disjointed or lacklustre. While it’s very important to choose a colour scheme that you like, it’s also a good idea to take inspiration from the season’s colour trends. We’ve wrapped up some of the most exciting colour palettes in home staging this year.

Pretty pastels

Think baby blue and pale pink are just for children’s rooms? Think again. Incorporating pastel colours into your colour scheme this year is bang on trend. You don’t need to go overboard with it; in fact, pastels are one of the hues where less is more. Think headboards, rugs and key furniture pieces, as opposed to pastel walls or flooring.

Delicate pastel colours make a wonderful backdrop to materials such as wood, velvet and marble, making them very versatile. You can use a pastel colour scheme in the bedroom, kitchen or living area. Small hints of pastel will help to soften home décor, without making it appear too sickly sweet.

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Deep purples

Dramatic, luxurious and provocative – deep purple colour schemes are truly breath-taking. The beauty of purple is that you can incorporate it as much or as little as you like. Subtle hints of purple through furnishings and materials are just as acceptable as ultra violet rooms filled with purple walls and tablecloths.

It’s all about finding a variety of purple shades that complement each other, as the subtle differences in tones will help to lift the room. Using the exact same shade of purple would put the room at risk of becoming dark and looking outdated. It’s also a good idea to use a variety of textures within a purple colour scheme – satin and velvet look utterly divine in deep purple.

Burnt orange

This warming colour palette goes so well with wooden textures and luscious green indoor plants. It’s a very autumnal shade that reminds us of pumpkin spiced lattes and tree lined streets. But it’s not just a seasonal look – burnt orange is going to be cropping up in home décor trends all year! In particular, a burnt orange colour scheme works well in the kitchen or the bathroom, as these are the areas where you will be more likely to use a lot of woody textures.

Cabinets, drawers and storage units can transform a room when injected with a dose of colour. We think these key furniture pieces in a burnt orange shade will really add a sense of warmth to the room, without being too overpowering.

Deep turquoise and teal blue

Blue colour palettes are best used in bedroom and living areas this year, as they have been slightly overdone in bathroom and kitchen spaces before. The moody undertone of turquoise and teal is easily incorporated in the bedroom with throws and sheets, while the living area could use a teal rug and sofa pillows. Avoid the bright ocean blue that one tends to associate with open-airy beach houses. Instead, this year is all about richer colours that take on a brooding undertone.

Back to black

Black is always a staple when it comes to clothing. This year, home décor trends are following the same mantra. Making black your colour palette is a bold move, but it is bang on trend. It’s easiest to incorporate black in your living area, with looming bookshelves, coffee tables and trendy storage units. The black backdrop accentuates coloured ornaments and plants, giving them a modern luxe look. Materials such as leather and gold go really well in conjunction with a black colour scheme and give the room a contemporary feel with a masculine edge.

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