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Four simple ways to earn extra money

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Four simple ways to earn extra money

For most people, the reality of their lives is that they never have enough money. No matter what sort of job you have there is always that additional cash that you need to fund the lifestyle that you want to have. And you cannot keep asking your employer for a raise or for salary advances, the fact of the matter is that you need to take control of your finances and make a plan yourself. To this end, you have two options: either reduce your spending or find additional income streams. And that is what we are here to help you with because earning some extra cash on the side might be simpler than you realise. Here are some tips that are low risk, but which could add some much-needed extra dollars to your bank account come month end.

Give the people what they want

In many offices around the country, if staff want to have a bite to eat during the day, or after hours if they are pulling an all-nighter, they need to pop out to the shop or a restaurant. You need to find offices where this is the case and ask if you can install and stock one or two combo vending machines. Ideally, you can start with your office. These machines need to be stocked up regularly, which means it is handy if you use your own office as a starting point. But you can sell this to your bosses as a service to the staff, while at the same time making a tidy profit and helping to improve productivity in the workplace.

Milk your assets

If you own assets, make sure that they work hard for you. Your assets are things like your car or your house. They don’t just need to be viewed as the thing that you drive to work in and the place where you stay, you should rather be seeing them as a means for making you some extra cash. They should be helping to pay for themselves not just be a drain on your resources. So, look to find a driver who will use your car as an Uber while you are at work. It is pointless having a car that sits in a car park for ten hours each day not earning a cent. Find a driver and split the income. The same logic applies to the house, get your spare room onto Air B&B and start earning.

Time is money

Dedicate one or two nights a week to be for earning. Start with doing a skills assessment and see where you might bring value. If you are good at math or science, you might want to provide extra lessons to kids from the nearby school. If you are responsible and like children, then maybe you want to provide babysitting services in the area. The point is there are lots of things that you can do in your spare time that will earn you cash. It might not be fortunes but keep it aside and wait till the end of the month and you might be quite surprised by how much you have amassed.

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