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Frequently Ask Questions About Pressure Washers

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Frequently Ask Questions About Pressure Washers

There are many questions that usually arise concerning the cleaning this device commonly used at home. Some of the questions, followed by the appropriate answers are outline below

#1: What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing, otherwise called powder washing is the process of spraying high-pressure water on surfaces for the purpose of cleaning them or giving them a brighter look. This practice uses the pressure washers which carries pumps that are distinct from a typical garden hose. This equipment can be used on a dusty window to give it a glow. It can also make wooden decks have a new look. The appearance of vinyl sidings can also be improved with the pressure washers. They can effectively remove mildews, pollutions, bubble gum and other dirt stains.

#2: Are there any benefits of using hot water pressure washers over a cold-water pressure washer?

The surface you are cleaning would determine. Cold water pressure washers are best used for cleaning dirt off surfaces and accessories like rotating brushes.High-pressure nozzles work well with these washers to increase its cleaning efficiency.

However, surfaces with oil or grease stains are best cleaned with hot water pressure washers. They are actually labour saving and you can use them in place of cold water washers when you have stubborn stains.

#3: Should I choose a belt driven pressure washer or direct drive?

It depends on the kind of environment. Applications that require more than 20+ hours per week as seen in commercial or industrial setupscan be effectively cleaned using belt driven pressure washers. It spins at a lower RPM which minimizes the internal wear and tear of the pump.However, if your pressure washers are used for less than 20 hours in a week, the direct drive pressure washers may be best applicable.They turn twice the RPM of belt driven units and are more cost effective and easy to transport.

#4: How do I choose between a gas and electric powered pressure washer?

Well, it depends on you. But the best washer to use indoors is an electrically powered pressure washer as it does not produce any harmful fumes. They are easier to maintain and they produce lower noise. In terms of availability and cost of running, the electric powered washers are still better.

On the other hand, gas powered pressure washers are more portable and they do not require a power cord. You also have wide choices in terms of engine selection. If you, therefore, need to get an electric pressure washer, I will recommend you opt for Unimanix electric pressure washers. They will surely serve you well.

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