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Get the best of Persian Rugs

Genuine Persian rug is a valuable investment which is passed down from one generation to another. Rug is precious and invites a feeling of warmth, comfort, luxury and grace into the interior space. If you keep it clean and maintained, it will last for long. Genuine Persian rugs Dubai are expensive but they can simply transform your interiors. Among all types of Persian rugs, handmade Persian rug is greatly preferred. It was used in the castles and forts as decorative pieces. Such rugs exude luxury, grace and a distinct charm. Whether it is hardwood floor, laminate floor, you should use some sort of rug to protect the floor. Persian rug offers utmost protection to the floor. Indeed, it a fabulous home addition worth considering

The kinds of Persian rugs

When it comes to Persian rugs, they are of various kinds. Popular ones include contemporary, Oriental and Turkish rugs. It is important to choose a rug which fits your style and interiors. What matters here is the budget you are ready to expend. Certain kinds of rugs are expensive but still you may find the rugs in any of the price range. On the other hand, modern Persian rug is like the art work that can decorate your floor. Authentic rugs are handmade and constituted of materials like silk, wool or cotton. Rug which is machine-made is not authentic. Among all sorts of Oriental rugs, Persian rug is a popular rug.

Why is Persian rug so famous?

Among all the Oriental rugs, Persian rug is really famous and most popular. Persian rugs are necessarily Oriental but it is not necessary that all the Oriental rugs will be Persian rug. Persian rug is that rug which is woven in Iran, Persia. The area where it is woven actually matters. Rugs made in Iran are popular for intricate design and immense charm and beauty. For Iranian weavers, it is the major source of income. They are so beautiful that the rugs are also used on the walls. It may be used on the floor and wall. Silk is the main material utilized for making Persian rugs at Dubai Interiors. But, you should not use beautiful silk rugs on the floor. They are best for wall décor. You can also find antique Persian rugs here. It may be animal print, different motifs or several things. The main feature of the rug is that it carries bold pattern which adds to the elegance of the space.

You may buy authentic Persian rugs that are sure to last for years. It may become the precious family possession or heirloom. The task of weaving a Persian rug by hand is somewhat tedious and professionals at our end do it in the best way.

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