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Grande restoration ideas for traditional and curved surfaces

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Grande restoration ideas for traditional and curved surfaces

If you are looking forward to restore your flooring, you would like to have a look at the Grande Collection and pick the design that suits your home. You need to customize these designs for your floorings. Whether you have a traditional surface or a curved surface, integrating the right design will enhance the looks of your interiors to a great extent. Here are certain deigns you may like.

Hand made French oak

This type of flooring has got a character texture. It is darker than the usual shades which you use for floors. Evidently, it delivers a much warmer look to your interiors. It has got a solid construction and the planks are fairly wide. However, you should make sure that the other design elements in your interiors go well with this texture. It has got an elegant look and the French oak floor is known for its durability.

Industrial chick black floors

For a change, you can go for the industrial chick black floors in your interiors. This type of floor comes with intricate regular designs, that resembles the floors of industrial areas. This type of wood has got its own character texture and the planks are thin. You will love the dark essence of the wood. Customize the wooden floors for your home according, ensuring a coherency with other elements in your interiors.

French castle wood floors

Here, the planks are thin, but the colour of the floor is much brighter. If you are willing to go for polished floors with intricate designs, you can get this flooring for your home. It comes with a fine texture and the flooring looks elegant.

Flooring is one of the most personalized aspects of a home. You can choose from the wide range of collection and get the one that suits your purpose. Explore the Grande Collection and integrate the right type of flooring in your home.

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