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Here’s how crowdfunding can help you plan a cultural event

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Here’s how crowdfunding can help you plan a cultural event

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to obtain money for special and creative projects like cultural events. Through crowdfunding India, you can not only avoid using your own money or taking a loan but you can also figure out whether people will actually want to attend your event or not. Crowdfunding can help you raise money for the costumes and props required by the dancers, the venue in which the event will be held, and refreshments for the guests.

Here are a few tips on the best way to crowdfund for your cultural events:

  1. Plan ahead – The planning should cover content, logistics and the promotion of the event. Use Google templates like Trello or Excel and create a document available to the entire team where each member would be able to view the tasks of the others and the big picture.
  2. Budget – Take into account the unforeseeable situations before budgeting. For example, rain on the day of an open-air event. It is better to think about such situations in advance and be prepared financially.
  3. Make your story appealing – Present your event in a way of a story. Make sure to explain why you are holding this particular cultural event and why exactly you want the funds. Also, explain why your event is different from the others. Use visual aids like videos and pictures as campaigns with these raise four times more money than those without them. Build an emotional connection with the audience and keep the story short and crisp. Let them know what inspired you and why this event is special for you.
  4. Offer rewards – Offering an attractive set of rewards for your crowdfunding website campaign is a great way to draw in donors. Giving people elite and exclusive options can be a brilliant method of fundraising. The rewards can be anything ranging from discounted tickets to the event to VIP seating, from meet and greet to backstage access. Be sure that you and your team can deliver the reward.
  5. Social media marketing – Posting a fundraiser on an online platform is the easiest way to reach across cities and countries. Share your story extensively with a network of people, some of whom you know and some you don’t. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used social media platforms. Use more than one relevant social media platform as you’ll reach out to different audience and give regular updates. Each share can bring up to 5 donors. Friends and families are the primary contributors who account for 43% of the donations, while secondary contributors consist of the friends and relatives of the contributors who account for the other 57% of the total donations.
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