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How Can I Check If My Sump Pump Is Working?

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How Can I Check If My Sump Pump Is Working?

If you have more rainfall in your region or your home is built on a lower ground level, you would be faced with the challenges of water or flooding. Of all the methods of flooding control and waterproofing, sump pump installation has proven to be very efficient in flood prevention and management. Therefore, you should consider sump pump installation to prevent flooding and costly water damage restoration and repairs.

However, if you have installed a sump pump, you must ensure that it is working correctly before and in-between heavy downpour. Read the tips below to check if your sump pump is working.

  1. Check the Pump’s Power

Regardless of when you had a sump pump installation in your home, you should always make sure that the sump pump is working correctly. The first way to ascertain the working condition of your sump is to check its connection to the power source.

There are two plugs from the sump pump: one plug for the motor and another one for the float switch. Remove these two plugs from the electrical socket. Then plugs only the cable attached to the pump. The sump pump should turn on as soon as you switched on the power. If it does not turn on, you may ask a professional to check your pump or request for a new sump pump installation to guarantee efficiency. If the pump turns on, plug in the second plug into the electricity main again.

  1. Simulate the Float

The float is an essential component of a sump pump. The float triggers on the pump as soon as the sump pit is filled with water, and the water lifts the float to a particular level.

To test if your sump pump is working correctly, fill the sump pit with water to the level that it lifts the float high enough to switch on the sump pump. However, if you cannot fill the sump pit with water, you can raise the float with your hand to kickstart the pump. Meanwhile, you should release the floater with a few seconds to avoid damaging it. But if the sump pump does not show any sign of working, call for a new sump pump installation to prevent sudden failure.

To ensure that a sump pump installation provides the expected services of drawing or removing water from your home, you must always check if the machine is working. Follow the tips above to determine the working condition of the appliance.

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