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How Can You Tell If Your House Has Water Damage?

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How Can You Tell If Your House Has Water Damage?

Most times, water damage provides apparent signs that point to leaks in pipes in your home. Other times, water damage may occur for years without showing any significant signs at all. Whichever the case maybe, when not detected and corrected early, can lead to serious structural complications, health issues and costly repairs. 

To be on a safer side, home owners are advised to frequently invite a water damage restoration company for routine checkups, as they can easily detect non-apparent water damages with a probe or infrared sensor. Listed below are 4 evident signs that will show your house has water damage;


Discoloration is a peculiar sign of water damage you should always look out for in your home. To detect this, look out for yellow or light brown streaks of water running down the side of your walls or ceiling. This can sometimes be caused by leaky pipes or roof when noticed in the interior of your home. Once you see notice this sign, call a water damage restoration company to get it fixed at once before it gets out of hand. 

  1. MOLD

Mold are microorganisms that need water to survive, reproduce and thrive. So, you can always be sure to find mold where there is water leak in your home. To identify mold growth, look for dark spots on your ceiling or moist wall. They can also form crusts on your floor covering, especially if water has moved though your flooring. Some mild cases of mold appearance are caused by condensation and not necessarily leaks while others may be as a result of long-term, serious leak behind your wall. Whichever the case may be, mold growth when detected should be combated in its early stages by fixing the causative water damage. 


Water damage causes elevated dampness or humidity which eventually result in unpleasant smell around the home. This musty odor is similar to those you notice from wet papers and cardboard boxes and it is most intense around areas where water damage exists in your home. This foul odor can easily be noticed in the basement and attic of home. Once detected, keep a look out for other sign of water damage and contact the water damage restoration company to get the leak fixed at once.  


It is often very difficult to identify water damage when you have a big house with several attics. A sudden surge in your utility bill may be a good water damage good indicator in your home. To identify the source of the leak, ensure to check the visible pipelines and faucets in the house and areas in the wall where possible water damage can occur. This process might be a little bit stressful but nonetheless very necessary. To avoid the hassle of checking through all your walls and pipes, you can contact a reliable water damage restoration company to do the heavy lifting has they have the needed experience and tools to detect even the slightest damage in your home. 

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