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How do you know you need a sump pump?

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How do you know you need a sump pump?

Sump pump installation might seem to be a tedious task. But with the help of professional sump pump services, you can change your device with little to no hassle. And since we’re talking about protecting your basement from water and moisture, it is more than necessary to know how to tell when you need a new sump pump. Next, we’re discussing the leading signs that suggest you need a new sump pump. Let’s see how you can secure your home and prevent water damage and mold.

What is the lifespan of a sump pump?

In most cases, a qualitative sump pump that is well maintained can last around six to seven years. Keep in mind that the type of device and the materials used in its design directly impact its lifespan.

What are the most obvious signs that indicate you need a new sump pump?

  1. Age

Sump pumps don’t last endlessly, and old age is an indicator you need a new device. There are numerous factors that can impact a sump pump’s lifespan, like frequency of use, electrical source, and the quality of materials used in its design.

  1. Noisy sump pump

When your sump pump starts to make noises like rattling, grinding, or gurgling, its motor might be faulty. Even though this part of the sump pump can be replaced, you will have to consider a new sump pump installation in most cases.

  1. Basement floods and you don’t have a sump pump

Any house owner who battles basement flooding needs a sump pump. If you leave this situation unattended, you will experience extensive water damage. This can harm your houses’ foundation and safety. So, it is best to use a sump pump to prevent such problems.

  1. Heavy rain

Anyone who lives in an area prone to increased precipitations throughout the year is at risk of basement flooding. This means that water has more chances to find its way inside your home, leading to unwanted water damage, increased humidity, and mold. You can avoid this by placing a sump pump in your basement.

  1. Floods

As it is the case with precipitations, houses in low lying areas are at risk of experiencing flooding. You can take several safety measures to prevent damage, including using a sump pump in your basement.

  1. Valuable items

Lastly, but not the least important, another reason why you need a new sump pump in your basement is the valuable items in your home. This means that if you use your finished basement as a room, you risk water damage to the items stored there. So, a sump pump will help you prevent this situation and avoid damage to your valuable items.

No matter if you already had a sump pump or thinking about installing a sump pump, there are numerous benefits you can get. Make sure you ask a professional plumber to handle the installation process so that your sump pump will function adequately right away.

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