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How To Elevate Your Office Design

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How To Elevate Your Office Design

The interior design of your company’s workspace is more important than you may expect. The look and feel of this space can influence employee morale and health, change the way visiting clients perceive your brand and services, and influence the workflow of each business day. The design of the space goes far beyond aesthetics and can even affect productivity at your office. If you want to make the most of the space you have, you may want to make a few design tweaks around the building. Here are a few ideas to work with.

Get creative with your style. If you’re a relatively new brand looking to establish yourself in your industry, then you don’t want your clients coming in for meetings to find a drab, dull looking space that feels depressing and uninspired. If you want your clients to believe in your creativity, make sure that’s reflected in the design of the workspace. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either – simply using beautifully printed commercial cladding to brighten up the space and adding interesting framed art prints on walls that have a more neutral colour tone will automatically create an atmosphere that’s exciting, as well as polished and professional.

Go green. We’re talking about eco-friendly office design here as well as the more literal meaning. Use low flow water systems in your bathrooms and lighting sources that bring down your energy bills and boost your image as a company that cares about the environment, as well as literally bringing greenery and outdoor elements into the office space. Incorporating plants around the office can clean up the air of polluting elements, decrease excess noise in the space, improve air circulation, and even help your employees feel brighter and less stressed out.

Make space for brainstorming. If workers are divided into individual little bubbles by their cubicles or pushed together randomly by open plan office space layouts, you may not be creating the right atmosphere for brainstorming and idea generation. You can use your interior design as a way to bring employees together in a positive and productive way. Create miniature meeting areas around the office space with comfortable chairs and tables where employees can sit with a cup of coffee and share ideas, offer feedback, and hopefully feel more connected throughout the day. Allowing this to happen in an open space rather than planning specific brainstorming sessions off in boardrooms creates a more organic and free-flowing atmosphere, as well as a space where junior staff members can feel comfortable introducing ideas.

Offer a standing option. Many companies are waking up to the idea that a standard sit-down desk may not be the best choice for all their employees. While some are comfortable with an ergonomic chair and a regular office desk, other employees may benefit from a standing desk where they can move and stretch without falling behind on work. This change can even boost the overall health of your employees.

Make it movable. Investing in furnishings that are easily folded up, rolled around, and moved from place to place can give you a workplace that’s far more flexible and intuitive than ever before. Find furnishings that you can easily adjust when you want to rearrange the space to optimise productivity in your workplace.

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