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How to make the most of moving to a new suburb

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How to make the most of moving to a new suburb

Moving homes is a complicated affair even if it is just a matter of moving suburbs and isn’t some monumental moving of cities or countries. There is much more to just packing your stuff and relocating it to another venue.  Changing where you live gives one a sense of a fresh start.  It offers new plans, routines, and activities to enjoy and broaden your horizons.  It is good to make sure you know why you are relocating.  Make sure to keep that purpose in mind while you set yourself up in a new city otherwise you may find yourself a few months into it and still at loose ends or not investing time into achieving your purpose as things will quickly get busy again.  People move for different reasons, and while those reasons are the primary motivator, there are so many other things to bring into the picture of moving.

Pay to ease the stress of moving

The company you choose to go with will greatly impact the ease of your move.  Find a removalist that is familiar with the area by searching for a phrase like ‘removalist Sydney eastern suburbs’.  The removal service often includes packing and unpacking and taking care of your valuable items.  If you want to reduce the risk of breakages and damage, get the packing team to pack your items properly.  Afterall, they do this for a living, so they are practiced at good packing.

Make new friends

By living in a different suburb, it forces you to find and make new friends.  This could be hard in the beginning, especially if you are completely new and don’t know anyone.  Consider joining a local club or society to get to know new people.  If you don’t know how to find these, ask your neighbours. It will give you a good excuse to introduce yourself.  There are also plenty of online sites that share activities, events or happenings that bring people together who have similar interests.  So, if you are into crocheting or rock climbing, book clubs or movie clubs there will be people doing it that you can join.

Choose a new living space

Moving into a new property offers you the chance to recreate your living space.  So, if you’re tired of the old and looking for an excuse to bring in the new, now is your chance.  There are plenty home décor blogs and websites you can search through, as well as magazines and tv programmes.  It is fun getting creative and even if you don’t have budget to buy lots of new things, repurposing what you already have brings new life to old objects.

Find new places to hang out

Speak to some of the neighbours or people in the new social circles and ask them about their favourite local joint to go to for good meals, live music, and general good vibes.  There are often great hidden gems that only the locals know of.  There could even be a few festivals or markets that happen during the course of the year such as gin festivals or spring markets.

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