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How to Repair Corroded Balustrade at Your Home

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How to Repair Corroded Balustrade at Your Home

With the passage of time, your newly installed balustrades are subjected to corrosion and rust. This happens due to its exposure to open air and moisture in the meantime. As balustrades start to corrode, it becomes more prone to damages that can lead to causalities. Maintaining your balustrades is important to enhance its life, but you can’t deny the fact that quality always degrades with the passage of time and hence you need to either replace them or repair the existing balustrades with the new components.

If you are one of such person who owns corroded balustrades, you will surf the internet to repair them and bring them back to life. Here are the steps you should follow you overwhelm the corrosion in your balustrades.

  1. If you have a designer railing system, cover the painted part using painter tape. You can even cover the special part using used clothes. If you have ample time, you can use a primer to cover the painted designs.
  2. Use tough material like sandpaper to dispel rust from the railing rods. If you find it hard using sandpaper, you can move on to wire brushed, steel wool. For unreachable areas, you will require sanding cord and separate rust from the rods.
  3. Once you are done, apply the naval jelly onto the rusty area. Naval jelly consists of phosphorous acid which can easily dissolve rust. Leave the solution for 10 minutes and clean it with mineral spirit afterward. This will remove additional rust stick to the rails.
  4. During this process, many spots will remain unattended. For such locations, you should apply the rust converter. The rust converter will pause the corrosion to spread anymore and make it smooth after a specific time span.
  5. After the removal of rust, you will find the affected spots and rods which are highly affected by corrosion. Apply the repair filler in such area and leave it at rest for some time. It removes the filler after a while that will make the surface smooth.
  6. Now, it’s time to apply the oil-based primer that protects the rods from any further corrosion and rust.
  7. The oil based primer will be followed by the rust inhibiting enamel that will bring shine to the rods. You can use brushes to reach difficult areas.

Replace the Corroded Railing: Make sure you encounter every rail on your stairs and find the faulty ones. Once you gather the list of corroded rails, it’s better to replace them with the help of a professional. If you have limited number of rails, you can easily replace them, but in case of two or complete section of rails, you need to plan strategically and replace them correctly.

It’s good to maintain the balustrades from the first day of its installation to build its durability. Avoiding periodic maintenance will lead you to face the problem of corrosion and other damages more frequently. However, you need to follow the above-given process to make your balustrades corrosion free.

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