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How to stop infectious diseases from spreading?

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How to stop infectious diseases from spreading?

Infectious diseases are a great problem even today. These diseases spread very rapidly. The germs of these diseases are transmitted through contact or air. Thus, the spreading of germs is so quick in this case. The chances of spreading these diseases become higher in hospitals where hundreds of patients are present. Thus, there is a dire need to stop these diseases from spreading. Because once these spreads, these infect a lot of people. An easy way to stop the germs from infecting other people is to use UVC lamps. These lamps have UV-C rays that destroy infectious microorganisms in the air. These rays attack the germs and kill them. Thus, the spread of diseases is much reduced. Uv lamp [หลอดยูวี, which is the term in Thai] is also beneficial for spthe eedy recovery of infected patients. 

Why the use of UVC lamps is better than chemicals?

Chemicals can also serve the same purpose of killing microorganisms and to also stop diseases from spreading. But, UVC lamps are much better for this purpose. Chemicals have a little exposure. You cannot see microorganisms from the naked eye. Thus, a lot of chemicals will be required if you want to kill microorganisms in the air. This increases the cost of treatment. Chemicals also have side effects.  If you kill microorganisms by chemicals then chemicals will also cause harm to the body of the patient. This is more damaging than the microorganism itself. Thus, the use of chemicals for killing microorganisms is not appreciated at hospitals.

Role of UVC lamps in eradicating Biofilms:

Biofilm is a thin visible surface produced by the collection of microorganisms. These organisms include viruses and bacteria. A simple example of Biofilm is the plaque produced around our teeth. These layers include a group of microorganisms. The microorganisms can be of various types. The host of microorganisms gain its food from the thing it is attached. It can also get its food from the air. Biofilms were identified for a long time because these films are visible to the naked eye. UVC lamps have the ability to destroy these thin films. Use of chemicals is easy for this purpose because the film is visible.

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