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Moving Home – 5 Top Tips to Make It A Smooth Transition

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Moving Home – 5 Top Tips to Make It A Smooth Transition

If you plan to move house you want the process to go as smooth as possible. The last thing anyone needs is the added stress of something going wrong on moving day. There a few things to consider to make the process effortless for you, your family and your local removal company on moving day.


Make sure that you have collected enough storage boxes for your move. These boxes can be used to pack all of you valuables prior to your move. Having a look online you will find a number of box dealers who specialize in supplying boxes of all shapes and sizes. If you do not want to spend the extra money on boxes take a drive to your closest supermarket they are bound to have a number of pre-used boxes set aside for recycling enquire about taking these or even purchasing them. Make sure you also get enough bubble wrap to protect breakable items.


Make sure that you label your boxes. A great idea here is to give each room a number and mark each box for that room with the number then draw up a reference sheet where you can easily catalog the contents of each box. This is great for those who like to be organized during their move. In addition, labeling the boxes will save much time when moving and unpacking boxes in your new home. You will quickly be able to identify which items you will need immediately and which ones can be left in their boxes to be unpacked at a later stage.

Moving your boxes

A great way to move your boxes safely and with minimal damage is to hire a trolley. By using a trolley you will quickly and easily be able to move heavy boxes from your house to a moving van. A trolley will also take much of the hard work out of moving. This will have added benefits for those who are older and those who are prone to back problems.

Be prepared

As stressful as a move can be, you can make sure the process goes quite smooth by being prepared. As soon as you can you should start packing. Pack away all those items which you will not need until you have moved into your new home. As the time gets closer to the move you will find more and more items which you will not need until you have started unpacking in your new home. A week before your move you can start packing your clothes, leaving only enough to last until the day of your move. By the night before you should only be left with a few essentials which you can easily pack up on the day of your move.

Room by room

One the day of your move it is a great idea to move one room at a time. Start with the rooms furthest from your front door. For example, if your bedrooms are situated at the back of your house, move those first and move everything from those rooms. You can then start sorting out one room at a time in your new house.

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