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PERFECT TABLE: How to choose the ideal table base?

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PERFECT TABLE: How to choose the ideal table base?

When choosing a table, it is important that you bet on a modern and tasteful table base. For sure this item will make all the difference in the look of this furniture, and add to the environment a charm and refinement all special.

Creativity is not lacking to bring news, and the furniture market is already betting on real works of art to bring modern and luxury items into your home  . With so much newness and creativity, you can have so many options to choose from, it will only depend on your taste and your pocket of course.

Table Base Tips

DIY- Do it yourself!

You can also apply beside the bases four beanbags of various colors. With the  glass  top on, you’ll already have a table. Plastic boxes, which are sold in decoration stores, can also be used by simply placing a top on top. Even fair boxes can be reused in the case of more stripped environments.

Everything can become a glass base!

Can also be added to the table base list: suitcases, tires, wheel rims, concrete pots, polished stones of the same size (three or four), pipes cut at the same height, aquariums  and pallets (these can even be used as cover).

Desktops for all environments

The  dining table base  is present in all models, therefore, is what sustains your furniture. In addition, you can leave the ambience even more immersed in the style of decoration you have chosen. There are several types of dining table base in the market. Know the main ones:

Wooden table base:

Perfect for the classic and rustic style. Wood reflects these styles, especially if used tree trunks. Since you want to give your dining room more modernity, opt for the vibrantly painted wood so you will have a unique highlight.

Stainless steel table base:

It’s a simpler model, but it can help a lot, especially if your intention is to enlarge the spaces. The stainless steel dining table base is handy to clean and perfect for smaller environments as its glass top gives the feeling of larger environments. And it add more beauty to wherever or whatever it’s used for especially when you use Gold stainless steel table base (ขา โต๊ะ แตน เล สี ทอง which is the term in Thai) quite expensive but it worth the spend if you take your consider it.

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