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Planning To Print On Metal, Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

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Planning To Print On Metal, Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

Over the course of four years, I have been printing on metal. During this time, I have printed with lots of companies – both the best in the industry and the rock bottom worst. Nevertheless, I am always on the move looking for new places I can do some printing that will meet up with my standard.

The truth; sometimes, I just want to do a printing where quality is not that important because they are going in my office and sometimes, I will need gallery kind of quality because they are going to be resell prints. During these four years, I have learned some things about printing on metal, and these are the four important things you should know before you embark on the road too.

#1: Beware of the sticker shock

Really, the price of printing on metal can be alarming. Really alarming! However, you should know this. Metal prints are great on their own without any matting or frames. They stand off the wall quite a bit, and they command some presence. So before you shock at the sticker, make sure you are not adding anything else to make them look good.

#2: Test the company first

Before you commit yourself to the company and print galleries worth of prints, it is always wise to test the company first. Instead of just banking on the words of someone or even mine, go out there and find three companies you think you will like to print on metal with. Place an order for the same print from all of them at 8×10. Consider the small prints, check and compare their quality, durability and hanging method, then make a decision.

#3: Commit the job to a professional if you became confused

It’s possible to get confused on who to do your printing on metal with. In that case, you can save yourself the stress by committing the job into the hand of a professional like Big acrylic to do the job for you.

#4: Believe you can get the best form of prints

Remember all metal prints are not created the same. While some will be great, some can just be a disappointment. However, the truth is that you still need to remember this is metal print and you should expect that great work metal prints are known for.

Even though the medium you choose for your artwork depends greatly on your personal style, metal prints still have lots of amazing benefits that make people keep using it.

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