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Preparing to lift a house

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Preparing to lift a house

There is a lot to think about when lifting a house, for the homeowner as well as the contractor.  If you live in a flood risk area, you might consider lifting your property to protect against damage.  But it’s not as simple as just having the idea and hiring a lifting company.

So what steps do you need to take?

  1. Do your research – Lifting your house is a complex task that needs to be carried out by a reputable house lifting company. Do your research and make sure to choose a well-established business that is adequately insured and licensed.  An affiliation to look for is membership of the “International Association of Structural Movers” (IASM).  Ask plenty of questions and make sure you know the process and what to expect.
  2. Find out about local requirements – Firstly you should speak to your local town council to find out what requirements you need to meet to lift your home.
  3. Plan the new layout of your home – A professional architect can help you to draw up plans for new stairs, supporting foundations etc. The house lifting company you choose can help to advise you on what plans need to go ahead.
  4. Shut off all energy, water etc.. – For obvious reasons all utilities must be shut off before the lift can commence. It can take several weeks to get permission and approval to shut off all utilities, so it’s best to plan early.  Contact electric, gas, sewer, water companies 1-2 months before for adequate time.
  5. Prepare the house – Once the regulations and permits are covered its time to start preparing the house. Your house raising contractor can advise you on all steps you need to take.  This might involve clearing out your basement, removing large fixtures and fittings, stairs, clearing the space around your property.

That’s it! Your house is ready to be lifted. 

Article written by High Caliber Contracting, a dedicated house lifting company with over 25 years’ experience.  They have been trusted to lift dozens of homes, historical buildings and business properties all over Connecticut.

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