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Rejuvenate your garden quickly

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Rejuvenate your garden quickly

If you have grown tired of concrete, asphalt and paving next to the lawn or on the driveway and are keen to add texture and colour to your outdoor space then gravel, chippings and pebbles hold the perfect solution.

Here are just 10 reasons why they are a fantastic option:

  • 100% natural
  • Various textures
  • A myriad colours and tones
  • Several sizes as standard
  • Mother Nature’s shapes
  • These landscaping materials are durable
  • Compliments planting and features
  • They’re very cost effective
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly functional

Here are a few suggestions of gravels which are widely stocked by professionals like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

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White Dolomite Gravel:

  • Eye catching and striking.
  • The gravel has quartz in it.
  • The more sun, the greater the sparkle.
  • Contrasts excellently with black paving or features.
  • Available in 10mm.
  • Prone to algae in wet locations, prefers dry.

Moonstone Gravel:

  • This is Thames Valley Flint from the Newbury/Thatcham locality.
  • It is extremely hard wearing.
  • It can withstand the weight of vehicles so it’s an excellent driveway material.
  • Black and white, brown, stone and beige gravel are mixed together.
  • It is kind on the pocket.
  • Moonstone Gravel is available for small projects or commercial bulk orders.
  • Stock items are normally 10mm and 20mm sizes.
  • Try to use the same batch to avoid colour variations.

Flamingo Gravel:

  • This is pink, turquoise, aquamarine, blue, green and white.
  • Quartz patches add natural sparkle. The stones shine in sunlight.
  • Recommended for flowerbeds rather than as a driveway material.
  • 20mm in size.
  • Naturally shaped.
  • Flamingo Gravel will add character to any space.

South Cerney Gravel:

  • Sourced in the South Cerney area.
  • Semi rounded.
  • Less likely than some other gravels to flip or wedge in to tyres.
  • Can be used for alpine gardens, mulching, paths and decorative features.
  • If used as a driveway material it may need an occasional top up.
  • It’s available as 10mm and 20-5mm gravel.
  • Provides excellent drainage.

Maybe you like the idea of natural products, texture and colour but want larger landscaping materials. This wish is served equally well by landscaping materials providers.

Black or white pebbles:

  • These are normally sold separately. All white or black bags.
  • These are an excellent contrast material with paving and driveways of the opposite colour.
  • The black or white pebbles are perfect for monochrome, sophisticated, limited palate and beach designs.
  • The pebbles are 40mm to 90mm in size.

At the other end of the size spectrum you have:

4-5mm horticultural grit:

  • It’s one of the simplest landscaping materials to handle and manage.
  • It’s small and delicate in appearance.
  • A long lasting material.
  • Especially attractive for alpine gardens in containers.

The choice is broad and ultimately you should purchase a product you fall in love with.

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