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Soda Blasting – The Best Form Of Surface Cleaning

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Soda Blasting – The Best Form Of Surface Cleaning

Different types of blasting methods abound today. From sandblasting to metal blasting, the list is lengthy and each of them has its own merits and limitations. The most important thing is to use a cleaning method that will remove stains easily without affecting the surface.

Soda blasting is the new way of removing stains from surfaces in a safe, easy and convenient manner. Though it is similar to sandblasting in some aspects, yet the advantages of this latest technology far outweighs sandblasting. Soda blasting is made from sodium carbonate in crystal form. When it touches the material you are soda blasting, the crystal explodes in the air. This explosion causes a reaction that removes the dirt and stains from the material.

Why Soda Blasting

It is gentle unlike other forms of cleaning which can be harsh or coarse on the surface to be cleaned. It makes use of proven environmental friendly methods to clean and restore any kind of surface. The materials used are biodegradable meaning applying it won’t affect the environment in an adverse way. The fact that this process is gentle on vintage wood doesn’t mean it is not able to properly wipe off stubborn stains like paint and rust. The following are some of the reasons for applying soda blasting.

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  1. Soda blasting can be applied and implemented in different conditions and situations. Industrial hot zones, restoration of architectural wood, metal features, antique furniture as well as vintage cars are a few ways in which this type of blasting can be used.
  2. It is cost effective. A major advantage this blasting procedure has among its counterparts is the fact that it doesn’t cost much. With a few bucks, a surface can be made clean. This feature is one of the reasons this method has been widely accepted by professionals.
  3. This wonderful technique can be applied in different fields of labour. In case you’re wondering where it can be applied or the set of people that needs it, below is a few of them. Landowners, builders, architects, several LPG sites, surveyors, estate agents and companies, insurance agencies, property developers as well as boat and car owners.
  4. It is faster. The technology applied in soda blasting enables it to save a lot of time. Unlike other blasting methods that takes a lot of time and may end up damaging some parts of the surface, soda blasting is different. It is unique in the sense that it completes the cleaning process in no time while making sure the surface is neat.

In summary, soda blasting is the new way to go when cleaning surfaces made of wood, metal, and stone. It is high time we move away from applying harsh and corrosive chemicals while cleaning surfaces.

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