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Spruce Your Bathroom in Four Easy Steps

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Spruce Your Bathroom in Four Easy Steps

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house in terms of its ability to add value to your asset. It is a room that is used daily and a room that can be horribly cold and unwelcoming if done badly. But done well it is an amazing place to retreat to for a relaxing bath or a quiet read and some peace and quiet – that might sound like an odd statement but anyone with small children will be able to identify with that method of escape. The good news is that a bathroom can also be transformed into a relaxing paradise quite easily, and if you are wondering how, here are a few tips to help get you on your way. 

Shower yourself 

Increasingly people prefer showers to baths and as such you need to ensure that the shower experience your bathroom offers is a good one. No stand-in-the-bath vibes or mouldy canvas curtains. If you can, go for a wet-room experience or install a simple frameless glass shower screen. It is easy to clean, and it is elegant. It is hardly surprising that this type of installation is widely regarded as the best of breed in modern bathroom design. 

Taps and fittings 

Such a simple area to alter and such a huge improvement in the overall experience. In terms of adding value to your property, the return that you get off the back of installing some quality taps and mixers and a heated towel rail or two is quite extraordinary. And while it will add value to your property it will also go a long way towards enhancing the overall bathroom experience. Spend a bit of time shopping for some quality fixtures – once you have played around with properly made taps there is no going back to the cheap fittings. 


It has been shown in studies, repeatedly, that plants have a relaxing effect on people. And plants in a bathroom are a very good fit. Look to find space for a hanging basket or a windowsill that can be home to a pot or two of voluptuous ferns. It makes a big difference – just picture yourself reclining in a bath, perhaps with some bubbles and a book, surrounded by lush greenery… If you can do this then you are probably feeling more relaxed already. 

Underfloor heating 

This is an improvement that comes with a bit more of a cost implication than the others, but it is an implication that is well worth the investment. Traditionally bathroom floors have been cold places. Cement or tiles usually covered with a mat or two. This tends to make for a rather uncomfortable experience and a sometimes-chilly environment. It is incredible the difference that underfloor heating can make, not just to your feet when you get out of a warm bath or shower, but to the whole ambiance of the room. It is especially welcome in winter when even the most user-friendly of bathrooms can become an uncomfortably cold place.  

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