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Taking care of your relocation

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Taking care of your relocation

There are many local and national moving companies who are ready to take care of your relocation, butbefore hiring a professional moving company for the relocation of your household goods and belongings, you should check out the company’s website as well as other online references and reviews to understand the quality of the services being offered.

The relocation of household goods is quite different from the relocation of commercial goods. If you are in Thunder Bay, you most certainly have come across a moving company called Tbay Movers. Tbay Movers is a professional and high quality Thunder Bay moving company. It is a local moving company with expertise in both residential and office/commercial relocations.

Things to consider before moving:


  1. If you are in Thunder Bay, you should ask for a quote and clarify the exact terms applicable to the relocation. Once you are satisfied with the price and the terms, make sure to confirm the moving date with the Residential Movers Thunder Bay. In fact, it is very important to make sure the relocation date is well defined ahead of time, in order for the movers to be able to schedule your relocation and avoid misunderstandings and potentially problematic rescheduling.
  2. If you have kids and they are going to be changing schools, remember to get all the necessary school transfer documents so that you can transfer them to the new schools.
  3. You should inform the local utilities regarding your relocation so that they can process the related disconnection of your services, such as water, electric, gas, and internet. Don’t forget cable!
  4. If you have newspaper or magazine subscriptions, pest control, or home cleaning services and other scheduled services make sure you give them at least a few days’ notice.
  5. Don’t forget to defrost your fridge before packing and moving it.

With this list you should be on your way to a hassle-free relocation! Enjoy your new home.

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