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The existence of life and the part light plays in it

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The existence of life and the part light plays in it

Light is the reason why life exists on Earth you see without light there would be no plants in the first place and without plants, no animal could have survived thus the survival of animals and humans have greatly dependent on light. But human took the source of light to one step further then have created artificial lights such as bulbs and tubes and all. Though the intention was good to have artificial lights, this has led to a vicious cycle of destroying nature in order to provide electricity to keep the artificial lights on.

Switch to Thinklite lights without thinking much about it

Now you may be thinking but conserving nature has nothing to do with lights in real life but actually, it has, lessening the energy consumption of lights by means of introducing green and environment-friendly lights is a step that you can take to help everyone to tackle the rise in energy consumption and wastage. You can start by introducing LED lights and bulbs in place of regular lights this will make your home more energy-efficient and LED bulb price (ราคา หลอด ไฟ led , which is the term in Thai)  is also lesser than regular light with greater shelf life and overall life thus it is more viable from an economic point of view as well.

 Thinklite a light manufacturing company from Thailand has introduced their new range of Mr16 tube (หลอด mr16, which is the term in Thai)which is a led tube with lesser heat accumulation build-up and also is much more efficient than your normal tube lights. They have developed much more economically efficient and energetically viable and they could do all this as they have a partnership with Germany based companies as well as Samsung R&D division. So if you are in Thailand and thinking about switching over to more efficient and environment-friendly light options then go with Thinklite.

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