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The Ideal Tiles for Your Floors, Counters, And Backsplashes

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The Ideal Tiles for Your Floors, Counters, And Backsplashes

It could be mind-blowing walking into a showroom as it is full of amazing beauty and inspiration. The thought of buying what you simply came for has engulfed you. Therefore, it could become difficult making the right and best choices.So many eye-catching displays around you but making a choice out of so many options at different unbelievable prices can be challenging. But before settling for a box of beautiful white subway tile, make sure you have chosen that tile that will make your kitchen or home look great.

To make shopping easy for you, we have put together some expert tips from the best panel of tile manufacturers, retailers, and installers in the business, such as thetuilesmarbreCarreaux Metro which offers one of the best and durable tiles in the world.Below are the most regular merits and flaws of some of the world’s popular tiles.

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#1: Ceramic

Price: About 2$ to 7$ per square foot

Ceramics is a mix of clay and different minerals with water. The tiles are galvanized at high temperature. But the glazed styles are fired and treated with liquid glass coating, creating a scratch resistant and hard stained surface. Ceramic tiles are generally affordable, easy to install and durable, it is available in different color variants and designs.

#2: Porcelain

Price: About 3$ to 7$ per square foot

Porcelain is another type of ceramic tiles. It is of more quality than a standard ceramic.It is dense and less porous because it is galvanized at a higher temperature. It’s available in a wide variety of styles.

Buyers sometimes buy the wrong adhesives. Be sure to meet up with a good and reliable manufacturer to be sure you are using nothing but the recommended adhesive.

#3: Glass

Price: About 7$ to 30$ per square foot

These thin pieces of glasses are separately sold or jointly sold as a mosaic, some customers order for them with other types of tiles, depending on their preference. Its available in numerous color variant, it’s easy to clean and it’s recommended for backsplashes and walls. But it is quite a hassle to install and costly to buy. And a skilled professional is needed for installation to keep everything looking fine and clean.

#4: Cement

Price: About 9$ to 17$ per square foot

These are handmade with cement tiles and natural minerals, it is also called encaustic tiles or the Cuban tiles. It has very large patterns on it. It can be used on walls and backsplashes, it is volatile and eye-catchy and is also looks cool on floors. But these tiles don’t come cheap and are not common, you need one with great technical skills to install.

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