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The Inspiration of an Inglenook Fireplace

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The Inspiration of an Inglenook Fireplace

To create a cozy, intimate and beautiful fireplace, the inglenook offers a recessed design. It is best described as a small room housing the fireplace within a room. The recession is developed as a snug area providing seating close to the heat source for optimum warmth and ultimate charm. Largely noted in historical including medieval architecture, the inglenook fireplace is becoming an increasingly in-demand design for modern and older homes.

The modern inglenook has been incorporated for larger homes and spaces. With reliance on professional architects and construction, the dream of producing such beautiful period features can become a reality.

A beautifully crafted inglenook creates a wonderful and connected family space. It can incorporate comfortable benches or chairs surrounding the fireplace and positioned against the inner walls. The recessed fireplace is the central feature while loved ones can settle with a book around the attractive heating area. While it is an appealing design, it may consume too much space in a smaller room or quaint home that lacks the necessary square meterage. Before proceeding with the inclusion of such fireplaces, consult with a professional construction company with lead architects who specialize in the design of such fireplaces.

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The original design of an inglenook or chimney corner was for social gatherings including pubs allowing patrons to sit close to the heat while sharing conversation. These fireplaces included areas for food preparation and later were created as striking features for homes. The recessed chimney produces a sense of spaciousness when correctly designed. Never leave these creations up to substandard construction businesses or architects with little industry experience. It requires knowledge and experience in the development of period features that represent a significant piece of historical architecture. Such modifications serve a functional and aesthetic purpose for residential properties.

An inglenook fireplace is an open fireplace. The intimate space is not only popular in family homes but has also made appearances in film representing a time gone by. While such corner chimneys first featured in the historic home, today it has been revitalized and appears in all styles of homes.

Calling on specialist designers in these corner chimneys can ensure the most beautiful features are created. The install of such enhancements will be determined by a professional and skilled architect. Only with reliance on such superior services can it breathe new life into these ancient forms of architecture. You can determine how large you wish your inglenook to appear including modern finishes. While the overall style of these fireplaces is drawn from past design, today, chimneys are developed in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Add a sense of warmth and true character to homes with the addition of corner chimneys. The formation of an inglenook fireplace requires the expertise and experience of a certified designer and construction company. It includes guaranteed service solutions and quality workmanship standards. Property owners can rest assured that the correct structural integrity is delivered when provided quality solutions. Why not enhance residencies with the incredible beauty, charm and uniqueness of such fireplaces.

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