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The Trendiest And Functional Flooring Designs In 2019

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The Trendiest And Functional Flooring Designs In 2019

Flooring designs and patterns don’t remain constant so does the preferability. As homes acquire a new taste and improved technology there is a larger variety of flooring designs. In 2018, the medium brown ting struck the preferences of a maximum number of customers. Another trend that was super loved and seems to be still in the spotlight is floor imperfections such as mineral streaks and knots that give a certain aesthetic value with a more realistic feel. Faux flooring was the runner up especially faux wood look-alike tiles.

The quirkiest trends of flooring designs today

2019 brought about a wave of exciting trends which are as follows:

1.fumes wood flooring(stronger color and grain)

  1. bleaches and blanched woods

3.disressed wood and concrete tiles

  1. wood flooring laid out in pretty patterns

5.Vintage black white

  1. reclaimed barn wood tiles (multi-toned and directional)
  2. graphic tiles
  3. large porcelain tiles(hexagon and trickling floor patterns)


What are the stakes offered in two years to the flooring biz?

The general sentiment that went into 2018 was that the customers were not satisfied with the traditional materials. Residential areas demanded more flooring material that went through special treatments which made them unique in texture and designs. Be it fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tiles or wooden tiles, customers want new and different.

What is the cost of vinyl products and their installation un 2019?

Vinyl flooring is that kind of material that is durable due to the synthetic materials that go into its making. It mimics wood, ceramic and marble for half the price and costs quite likelinoleum.

The price of vinyl flooring[ปู พื้น ไว นิล เอง, which is the term in Thai] ranges from 2 dollars to 8 dollars per square feet. The installation cost for a vinyl 200-foot floor is an average of 800 dollars to 1000 dollars which is not much as compared to wooden or marble flooring.


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