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Understanding how an oil rig lifestyle is

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Understanding how an oil rig lifestyle is

If you are going to compare your lifestyle on the land with the people, who are working on an oil rig, then you can clearly say that you are luckier than them because life is easier on the land. Have you ever thought about working miles and miles away from your own families, friends or loved ones? Can you manage the home-sick, loneliness and sadness the offshore workers feel? Pretty sure that you will be missing everybody so much and that would make your work more difficult.

You might be complaining a lot of times that life is too hard on you because you are experiencing difficulties or problems. Do you think that offshore workers are having a great time in the middle of nowhere? After work, you rush home and get rest. You have a convenient place to stay because everything that you need is already there. While these offshore workers just have a limited access to every facility available on their offshore oil rig living quarters.

For example, if there are a thousand of workers offshore and there were just a few facilities to use, then that means that you are all sharing the machine or equipment onboard. You cannot use anything just for your own satisfaction because you have to consider other workers, too. Now, can you see how difficult life is when you are working for an oil rig company?

Work changes over time

Pretty sure that you are aware about what technology of today can do to machines, infrastructures and equipment that offshore workers are using in an oil rig. So, expect that this technology can change how people work offshore. Do not expect an oil rig company to continue using old machines that were bought two decades ago.

Before everything is operated manually. That is why more workers are needed in an oil rig. This only means that more people are living in the offshore quarters. But, due to the advanced technology, those machines were converted to be computerized and that has brought a decrease in the population of workers as well as offshore jobs. Let’s say that 50% of the workers have lost their jobs because only a few workers are fit to work on the new machines.

Better Communication

However, the advanced technology is also an advantage and beneficial to everybody, who is working offshore. Before, communication is very difficult because a worker has a limited time in using the phones and sometimes, the satellite is not even working properly due to the weather condition. You may go hereto find out about how facilities improved in an oil rig.

But, now that there are better satellite communicates, then you have more time to talk to your family no matter how far they are. There is now a faster way of transmitting messages and the offshore workers can access the Internet. In my opinion, this can make their life lighter regardless of the distance.

Entertainment Facilities

The only means to kill time after work is just to play card games and talk to each other. Most of the time you can hear noise coming from the engines. So, you may even need to shout at each other to understand what one is talking about.

They do not have televisions, computers, telephones, sport equipment and gym equipment before. But, now that these facilities are already available, then everybody on board has more things to do during their free time.

How’s the oil rig?

You may be thinking that your offshore accommodation is just like a hotel. But, this one will depend on the company because they have to design a suitable place for the type of work. Do you know that most of the oil rigs do not have windows? This means that it must be fully air conditioned with proper air ventilation, right?

The rig has rooms for two to four people, they have bathrooms, washrooms and dining areas around. But, do not expect for a big space because everything is compact here. The rig is actually narrow and do not have a place for people with personal problems. When you are here, then you need to learn how to get on with everybody.

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