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Utility Buildings Add Value, Security, Appeal to Property

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Utility Buildings Add Value, Security, Appeal to Property

According to, in the first year of homeownership approximately $515 is spent on a lawn mower and other yard equipment, $232 goes toward power tools and around $159 on patio, porch or outdoor furniture. Now, imagine how much people spend overall after five, 10 or even 15 years on products to maintain and improve their property. While that $50 spent on a hand pruner seems reasonable, though a little pricey, at the time, replacing it in a year or two because of rust doesn’t seem very economical in the long run.

For those with a garage, maybe there is room for the lawn mower, rakes, shovels, shears, pruners, fertilizer, seed, saws, hammers, nails … That list surprisingly gets long fast. Even if is there a garage, do you want to fill it with stuff or cars? How accessible are the tools and equipment stored in the garage? Luckily there is solution to fit any property: vinyl utility buildings.

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Like the tools and equipment needed to maintain a property, you get what you put into a shed or other out building. A person looking to build a shed has to decide what material is best for them: wood, metal or plastic (vinyl or resin.) A vinyl shed may be the answer for the person who doesn’t want to purchase a new pruner each year—one who values their time and wants to spend it using the tools their shed has protected instead of maintaining the shed itself. It also tends to be a more cost-effective option.

Vinyl has long been a go-to for a house’s exterior siding. It is versatile, durable, virtually maintenance free, and can cut heating and cooling costs. Designed to be weather-resistant, this material protects whatever is inside. The same goes when used for a shed.

Vinyl is a practical option for people looking for an affordable, low-maintenance option. Its color doesn’t fade, unlike wood that requires costly, laborious repainting. It doesn’t rot or rust. A quick wash with a hose every few months keeps it looking clean and new for years. It also can be built with fire-resistant material, another level of security for the hard-earned equipment stored in it. Additionally, these types of sheds are relatively easy to install and move if necessary.

Aesthecially, vinyl siding and sheds have come a long way. While wood still has endless color options—which requires sanding, painting and repainting—vinyl now is offered in an array of colors and finishes. Plus, if your house has vinyl siding, why not have a shed to match?

While the purpose of a shed may be practicality, the options available for building it have added value besides property protection. Available in different sizes and styles, an out building can be turned into something more than a simple structure, even becoming a backyard cottage or cabin complete with doors and windows. A new vinyl shed just may be the complementary feature that garners compliments for your property.

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