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Video and Real Estate Games: who Inspires who?

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Video and Real Estate Games: who Inspires who?

The concepts of video games have long been based on our daily lives or on activities that make us dream and think. You may as well embody a hero ready to rescue a princess as a cook or a star of the song. Real estate is not left with probably the most famous board games: the Monopoly. Among the video games, there are countless management simulators stores, zoos or amusement parks, all descendants of the inevitable SimCity that allows you to create and manage your own city. Let’s take a look at the commonalities between the real estate sector and the video game sector and how they can possibly help you find the accommodation of your dreams!

Learn How to Manage a Budget

Buy, rent, mortgage, and sell. We all know these principles, but the reality is less obvious than in a part of a monopoly.

This is exactly what an American nonprofit organization wanted to demonstrate by developing a New York City management simulation game. In Inside the Rent, you manage a whole neighborhood of the Big Apple like Southwest Ranches Real Estate.

It’s up to you to build buildings and other buildings essential to neighborhood life: shops, schools, etc. Set rents and apply for grants to ensure the happiness of the inhabitants and the economic health of your neighborhood like Landmark Ranch Estate Homes. A subtle game of balances far from obvious. With this game, the association tries to explain in a fun way to New Yorkers why the rents are so high.

Make the Virtual even Truer

Many video games are inspired by existing cities to create proximity to the players. Two sagas stand out in this area. The first is the Grand Theft Auto games where Liberty City is an unofficial reproduction of New York while Vice City is Miami. As for the Assassin’s Creed saga, since its inception, it has been trying to recreate as faithfully as possible the cities and their respective eras. We can discover the Venice in the 15th century, Paris under the French Revolution and London during the 19th century.

Building games also pay tribute in their own way to the most beautiful monuments in the world. The Lego® brand offers a range of “Architecture” through which you can reproduce the White House, Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House or the Louvre and its glass pyramid.

The online game Minecraft has also revealed the talent of many aspiring builders. Some of them have reproduced with simple cubes the Tower Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal and the five parks of Disney World in Florida, among other great creations. Our favorite: a replica of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris which you can see the video construction on YouTube.

The presence of new technologies in the world of real estate does not stop there. When buying a new home like in Rolling Oaks Homes, it is not always easy to organize with a plan. The virtual tours or even augmented reality headsets allow you to discover your future home otherwise, borrowing the same technologies originally developed for video games.

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