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What is the type of Awning suit best for your home?

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What is the type of Awning suit best for your home?

There are too many varieties of awnings available in the market,and that can make you confused on what type will suit you the best of your needs. There are many awnings which can keep you warm in winter and keep you fresh during the summer. Window awnings are beautiful as well as energy efficient. You must carefully select your awnings to protect yourself from different weather conditions.

Keeping your porch off the snow and keeping it warm

There are Porch Protecting Curtains which will keep your porch free of snow and also free of dirt in the winder. The porch will stay warm because if you have ever seen vinyl curtains, they act like a greenhouse effect which allows the sun to shine through which in turn warms up the porch. When it is cold, switch on the heater, it will not let the warm air escape keeping the place warm.

Keeping your screened porch safe from rain

In the summer, it is a tough job to keep your porch clean as well as dry. If you use Porch Roll Up curtain, your works with the porch get reduced. If you need to keep your curtain clean and dry, just drop them down. When there is hot sun shining, they keep your porch cool. The fabrics of them are available in 100 colors, so you can match them with your furnishing and also has a warranty of 10 years.

Keeping your house cool during summer

Windows facing thesouth,65% of solar heat can be reduced. If you use awningwhich has no sides, you can protect yourself from sunlight. When it is hot, it is best that awning is made very wide. For north facing windows, better to use awningswith no sides. The only time you get sunlight through the north-facing windows in the early morning time or in the late afternoon in the summer.

Eat and West Facing windows gain of solar heat can be reduced to 77% with additional awnings in the windows. At the middle of the morning or afternoon, the sun is low in the sky,and it can come below the awning if there are no sides of the awning. Therefore, for best results, you should get awnings with sides, which will protect you from the sun.

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