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What Would We Do Without a Bed– A Sleeping Evolution

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What Would We Do Without a Bed– A Sleeping Evolution

If you have slept in an uncomfortable bed then you will definitely understand, the day after can be full of aches and pains as well as general fatigue and a short temper. Too many bad nights and both body and mind will usually start feeling the side effects. The bed and mattress “as we know it” began with nothing more than a pile of leaves or straw on the floor, covered with animal skins. As the onus on having a comfortable bed evolved, so did the variety on offer. The modern selection we have available to us nowadays has evolved quite dramatically. Indeed, visit any contemporary Bedmarket online store and you will be amazed at the different styles of bed and mattresses on offer: Wooden frame beds: Leather Beds: Fabric Beds: Ottoman Beds: Divan Beds: Orthopaedic Mattresses: Memory Foam Mattress: Pocket Sprung Mattress among the most popular choices.

Bed Frames – Classic & Contemporary

Metal bed frames (also called bed steads) appeared during the eighteenth century. The main appeal was they were not prone to insect infestation, as were wooden bed frames. Wooden bed frames are again popular today. They look great and are sturdy and durable therefore hard wearing and practical – infestation generally being a problem of the past!

The Greek’s favoured wooden beds which also had a headboard, similar to many today. Initially they were quite plain in design. However, as their “importance” evolved so did the elaborate styling lavished upon them – Including expensive wood, ivory and tortoise shell veneering as well as bronze and silver feet. In twelfth century UK, as prosperity increased the way bedsteads were made also became more elaborate with the bedstead having elaborate carving or paintings.  In the fourteenth century the wooden frames tended to be covered in rich tapestries, furs and other rich fabrics. Today the choice of wooden bed frames, as well as leather and fabric beds, provides choice for those with both classic and contemporary home styles.

Mattresses – An Evolution

The first individually sprung and coiled mattress was made available in 1899. The word mattress originates from the Arabic word “matrah” which translates quite literally to “something thrown down”. The first matrah that we know of is 77,000 years old. It was during the religious crusades across Europe the idea was adopted from the Arabs. From a pile of leaves or straw comes the Orthopaedic Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses and Pocket Sprung Mattresses we have today – A quick search at any good online store will usually have all these most popular options available.

Beds can be designed using various materials although wood and metal continue to be extremely popular. Larger beds provide more stability, as many have a header and footer as well as a centre support. The way design and technology have combined today, to create not only a stylish bed but also a very comfortable one, means nobody ever has to have a “bad night” again – Just visit your local bedstore!

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