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Why a Snagging Report Should Be Done on a New Build Property

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Why a Snagging Report Should Be Done on a New Build Property

Across Britain, on any given week, more than 300 new homeowners will have been excited and thrilled to move into a brand spanking new home. But all of these people are about to get the taste of a nasty shock. Some will even be forced to move back to their old properties or, in extreme cases, move out and into a hotel.

It is not something that will happen to every new resident moving into a new build, but where there are 300 that will discover problems, that has to be a number that is cause for grave concern.

So, what on earth is actually happening here? What problems could a new build possibly hold for its excited – and soon to be disappointed – new tenants? Let us look at many of the typical examples that have beset new homeowners moving into a new build home: faults such as shoddy workmanship in the brickwork, fire safety issues and rushed plastering work are among the issues that have beset new homeowners moving into a new build home.

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Why Is This Happening?

Developers and builders always work to a deadline. They need to get the job done quickly and within budget and on time. Therefore, some developers are going to use cheap labour, semi-skilled workers and a workforce that can only look forward to a pay cheque and getting started on the next home build.

The problem is not endemic but with around 300 new build homes showing signs of poor quality finishing every week, the issues are still there. However, there is a way where these quality issues can be addressed before you move in to a new build home: commission a snagging report.

What is a Snagging Survey?

It is a task carried out by a professional who will look for snags in the new build home. Moreover, they seek out errors and quality issues that could cause homeowners grief long after they have moved in.

What Kind of Snags?

The plastering and the paintwork are thoroughly checked and the radiators undergo a thermal imaging process. The soil in the garden and underneath the home is tested and the roof is closely monitored by a drone.

The plumbing and electrics are also thoroughly checked and all lofts and cellars will be checked too. A snagging report needs to take place on a new build property.

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