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Yorkshire Values Making Yorkshire a Great Place for Businesses

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Yorkshire Values Making Yorkshire a Great Place for Businesses

More and more companies are now taking advantage of office and industrial units to let in Yorkshire, realising that Yorkshire is possibly one of the greatest places to have a business and work.  There are many things that make Yorkshire a great place to work, with many of the same things making Yorkshire a great place to live also. Today we are going to be listing some of these things, with the ultimate intention of enabling even more companies to make the decision to move their businesses to Yorkshire in order to reap the benefits and succeed better than ever before.

Reasons Why Yorkshire is Great for Business

  1. Straight talking – One of the first things people think about when thinking about Yorkshire is how straight talking the people there are – They don’t beat around the bush and usually get straight to the point, meaning exactly what they say. This is a policy is which can work great for businesses within all industries too. Customers are often faced with many companies that claim to be the best, making it hard for them to determine who exactly is telling the truth, and this can work as an advantage for businesses that do not adopt this style and instead choose an honest approach. Customers like to be made to understand things and don’t like have loads of jargon thrown at them continuously.
  2. Down to earth – Some places in the UK, such as many London regions, are full of snotty people that always think that they know best – and trust me; this can put potential customers off a lot of the time. People in Yorkshire however are incredibly down to earth, never judging others. Businesses can do well by adopting this approach and being modest. Business owners and employees should always treat everyone kindly and with utmost respect, remembering that the customer is always right and that their questions are always valid.
  3. Proud – One thing that we know about the people of Yorkshire is that they are proud and this is something that businesses all over the country should try to replicate. If you are running a business you should take pride in everything that you do, acting like you are the best and believing that you are the best without being arrogant. If you do not believe in your business, no one else will either. Remember, if you are your number one fan, people will follow suit.
  4. Friendly – Unlike down south, people in Yorkshire are friendly, all the time, to everyone. You only have to walk down to street to be welcomed and to make friends. Businesses should also be friendly to everyone they come across, even those that cannot do anything for them. When businesses are friendly people see them as more approachable and are therefore more likely to succeed.

These are only some of the great Yorkshire values too, there are many more, and companies that aren’t ready to make the move yet can even adopt these values in order to enhance their businesses.

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